Thankfulness of Hawaiian Wedding Song

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I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season so far. For myself, the season kicks off with Halloween. Haloween is something my family and I have enjoyed and consider one of the more enjoyable aspects of the holidays. Thanksgiving is coming up which is my second favorite festivity of the year. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve had a long year with a tragedy that will affect me for the rest of my life, that of the passing of my stepfather, who was the father figure in my life. I am revisiting my goals of past that may see fruition or may not. Life doesn’t always grant your every wish. Despite that fact, I should put my best efforts in completing the tasks to accomplish these goals.

One of my goals included bringing back to life a collection of retro hula dances passed on to me by a retired hula dancer. I obtained these choreographies along with the hundreds of records accompanying the dances more than five years ago. I need to document the dances in video form as well and share this knowledge. For this, I am trying to create my own funding.

The clip below is taken from the tutorial: Hawaiian Wedding Dance. The video instruction is available on my Vimeo page. I never did much advertising for the video. The choreography is mine, but the steps are authentic Hula which of course belongs to the Hawaiian culture.

I hope you enjoy the clip below and if you want to learn more about this dance or hula, please consider buying an online copy from Vimeo. The funds raised will help get the Retro Hula Restoration project off the ground!

Happy Holidays!

Yours in Aloha,


Click the link below to see the clip:

Hawaiian Wedding Dance Chorus



Watch Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

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Enjoy my Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial. I designed this tutorial with brides in mind to include a unique and honorable showcase of Hawaiian Hula during their special day or in preparations of wedding celebrations. Please check it out and have a great summer! Wedding Dance Tutorial

8 Māori Words to Have You Celebrating Exactly Who You Are. | elephant journal

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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m grateful for many things. I found this article interesting and wanted to share. The Maori dances and cultures have enriched my life deeply. I’m sure their cultural effects have touched other people’s lives as well.

Some Fun Summer Photos

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This is from September’s Hyattsville Festival. I hope you enjoy the photos. We certainly had a blast performing here with this lively crowd!



Classic Hula Choreography Revival

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In recent years, I’ve acquired hundreds of choreography from the golden era of  Hawaiian Hula dance. It’s been slow coming, but here is one of the dances from the collection. Check out my YouTube Fiestadancers page for more information about my dance choreography, performance, and other useful life links.

Green Lantern

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We are featured in this fun segment. Visit us on YouTube on our own page as well, Fiestadancers.

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Kinikia Dance Photo Collage: